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Everything about Lion Alpin

We have been sitting at the forefront of wintersport and watched skis go from full-length skis to foot long skates to carving skis with a sexy waistline to the wide twin tip skiis of today. We enjoyed the coolest neon colored ski overalls and the obligatory zinc paste on the nose. We were there when the fat revolution with always wider skis began. We have seen how the snowboarder emerged and brought us the halfpipe. Now we are looking on as the jibbing trenden is explodeing. Our agents are actively involved in our guests' wide interests in skiing. Our passion is skiing, there is no doubt about that. We started in 1982 with bus traves from Scandanavia to the Alps. Back when VHS tapes were hot!

More than 30 Years experience

We at Lion Alpin have kept this position over the years and have always been at the cutting edge of delivering the best skiing trips. In the 1982-83 season, we offered 12 different trips, now 30 years later they have become classics and we still offer many of them today.

Today we offer trips to the off-piste and party-destination number one, St. Anton, that attracts extreme skiers from around the world. Hinterhag Alm in Saalbach, that calls itselself the founder of après-ski and we agree, the party has been going on since long before 1982 here. Zell am See is another of Lion Alpins favorites including unforgettable glacier skiing, this is also a paradise for snowboarders. We can also recommend the little Italian gem of Livigno. Here, everything feels that bit more luxurious, that bit better, and that bit simpler.

For us, the first 30 years have been equally fun, challenging and educational. We have learned a lot from our guests and what they value. We get better with each passing year. The selection of our hotels has always been done with flair and great care. 30 years passed so quickly and were not about to slow down.

Today we not only offer winter vacations but also summer vacations. You can book our own 4 hotels in Austria throughout the summer. Hotel Planai in Schladming, Grafenberg Resort, Hotel Kirchboden and Hotel Tatzlwurm all 3 in Wagrain.  


Do you remember? How skiing changed since we started

The 80's

Stenmark cap, tight ski pants in combination with jackets and overalls in neon colors are everywhere.

The 90's

Snowboarders took over the slopes. The ski industry is inspired and the carving revolution begins, the hourglass shape is right for skiis to now.

The 2000's

Experimentation continues, wide carvingskis become twin tip skis and sets a new standard for off-piste skiing. Skiing - influenced by snowboarders and their tricks - goes freestyle.

The 2010's

Jibbing emerged alongside snowboarding and is now hotter than anything else. More and more people are demanding more from their rides - off-piste is the new favourite.


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